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About Us

The Right Information at the Right Time

GU SealRecognizing that high-quality information services are vital to the health of the nation, the MCH Group was established at Georgetown University to provide leadership in program development, educational resources, and state-of-the-art knowledge to improve the health and well-being of all people.

Staff collaborate with federal agencies, professional organizations, and academic institutions to launch national health initiatives involving multiple partners, develop and disseminate culturally and linguistically competent health materials for professionals and the general public, and provide access to seminal and emerging materials in the field.

Information Access

Our team is affiliated with the MCH Library, one of the university's six academic libraries. As such, the Group benefits from a research and reference collection that has existed since 1789, including access to all online and print resources available through the Washington Research Library Consortium, providing access to 7 million volumes and 30 million licensed online articles.

Technology Capacity

The MCH Group has focused considerable effort on advancing its technological capabilities, both in the systems used to communicate with diverse audiences and in the services provided to those audiences. The MCH Group's on-site computer system includes communications, desktop publishing, and database-design technologies. The IT system includes an established network of servers for Web hosting, e-mail, new media technologies, databases, and application development tools.

Please contact the MCH Group at Georgetown University to discuss potential collaborations or programmatic and technical solutions.

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